Monday, September 04, 2006

I guess I suck

Well I pretty much suck at this blogging thing!!! Whatever,lets think positive, Im here and that is what counts!
Jeff and I have just returned from Maui on Sunday. What a blast, the beaches are beautiful, water is warm and the drinks are ample! We really missed the girls and vowed to take them on the 'next trip'!!! I havent done any scrapping lately but bought some cool stuff in Maui and just ordered from LIITD-yikes on the pocketbbook!! I deceided to start uploading some of my stuff on here, just for fun!!Maybe I'll have some cool contests of challenges for all my peeps out there....just a thought! K gotta go to bed
Lesson for today: its never too late to start again!!!

see ya


grover said...

ohhh we will forgive!
welcome back to bloggerland!

Nicole said...

YEAH!!! Woohoo! I nearly peed my pants when I saw a new entry! LOL!
Glad to have you back! I am bad too!