Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We are back from Kelowna....had a fairly good time! WE took 3 days to get there stopping in Moose Jaw and Calgary. On the way down we deceided to camp to same some money which was good except that our air mattress's were crap!
Oh well...anyways, we got there on Monday night and spent most of the time visiting with family.
*Tuesday...I dont know what we did?
*Wednesday, Jeff and Narad and Jiseong went golfing.
*Thursday was the Japanese wedding party at Wasabi,
*Friday we went mini golfing and took the kids to a little water park. Also on Friday it was Our 10th Anniversary...I cant believe that it has been 10 years....Jeff and I went out for dinner at a very nice romantic place called Wild Apple. It was right on the was gorgeous!
*Sat was the wedding...beautiful!!!!
*Sunday we drove home! It took us 3 days to get home as well but we stayed in Hotels, so that was awesome! In Calgary, we spent 5 hours in IKEA ( Jeff wasnt so impressed) but we bought a pantry for our kitchen and 2 chairs, 2 little coffee tables and numerous stuff for the baby room!

That is all for are some pics from the trip..

campsite in Moose Jaw

Wasabi...the Japanese wedding party before the wedding

The wedding party

Jeff and I at Summer Hill Winery

The girls at the wedding

My girls releasing the Doves

The bride and Groom

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A wonderful Sunday

This past Sunday, Jeff and the girls and I went to Grand beach...just the the 4 of us. It was blissful!!
We swam, ate, sunbathed, watched the sunset, watched some fireworks.....just had an all around wonderful family day! I love when things like this just happen and everything falls into place.....makes for wonderful memories:)

What do you like to do with your family?

how will I do it?

so basically I have to make 300 more hous to get mat leave....that seems like ALOT to me. I only have 4 more months to do it in....I have to work my butt off, which I am not used to :)
WIll I make it? I dont know.....will keep you posted!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hellllllo blogger world......

Yes I have been neglectful....I havent blogged since OCTOBER!! LOL
BTW...Im fine now after my tonsillectomy :) I actually have not been sick since...for real!
Life for me is going great....I am expecting my 3rd child in January 2009....Im very happy about that and things seem to be moving along great. The sad thing is that some people just cant be happy for you no matter what...oh friends of mine!
In the scrapping world...I suck...I dont seem to have any motivation at all :( I havent since I got preggo....hopefully it will come back to me soon.
Whats up with you all????I've missed this mindless chatter to the cyber world....I will keep it up...I promise:)
Lesson for today: let stupid people just roll off your back and keep going :)

My baby belly
18 weeks