Saturday, September 09, 2006

Something weird

I have something weird on my tummy. I have nothing else to talk about except that it hurts and its big and I dont know what the hell it is!!!!!! I guess I better get it checked out. Anyhow, I soooo need to clean my scrapping space that it is ridiculous! I havent scrapped in quite a while because of it and I need to scrap (as posted in last post) Honestly I have 2 pizza boxes and 2 bags of scrapping stuff that I have bought and dont even remember what is in them, that I havent put away cause I cant find my desk! NICE. Today was another happy day at Wally world, line ups all night and not a happy customer in sight *****SIGH***** Did I tell you I hate my job??? On a happy note I get to go to a crop on the 23rd!! YAY - thanks for inviting me Vanessa! I cant wait!
Lesson for today: putting things away right away prevents stress and messes!!!!

See ya


grover said...

uhhhohhh..hurting weird things on tummies are not good..get thee to the dr!!

can't wait to scrap--see you can haul out all your new goodies and tuant us with them!

Nicole said...

Get yourself to a DR!!!

Can't wait to use all those goodies, huh...know how you feel. It has been almost 2.5 weeks myself! Forget cleaning and just scrap! LOL

CAn't wait for the 23rd either...good times!