Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nothing day

Today feels like a nothing day. I mean, I did stuff but I feel like I didn't do anything!! I did clean up my scrappin area, which was good. It always makes me feel good to tidy up-just so I could mess it up again!! LOL We went to soccer today-Julie's game was cancelled but Jamie's game was a go. I'm not sure how to get her more interested-she just stands there-doesn't run, doesn't kick-nothing! The thing is that she is really good at home, kicks awesome! Anyhow, I tried to bribe her with candy, and it kinda worked! I know, good MOM!! So, after soccer we went out for supper-we choose Hooters-haha. I'm starting to look like a bad mother! Anyways, while we were eating, a bunch of guys from the Shrine came in, all decked out in there 'kilts' and stuff, and then they actually played 2 songs-with the drums and bagpipes! It was really random, but super cool! The girls loved it and were given alot of attention because there were no other kids there (obviously-its Hooters!!) Lesson for today: no matter what my day is like, I can always count on my kids to make me smile!!! They are my heart and soul

see ya


Nicole said...

Great lesson for today--and how true it is. I had a day like that today, didn't do diddly--well anything that others would find important--had a snuggle with DS#1...that made my day!

JodiS said...

My Mom would have loved to see the bagpipes. She is so into her scottish heritage. Aww too cute about your girls!

grover said...

that is cool..the bagpipes!

Nicole said... thinks it is time for an update lady!

Nicole said...

Jocie---where you been girl!!!!!!????????