Friday, September 29, 2006

BIG news for me!!

Well, I have been avoiding the blog because I was trying to keep a secret but now the cat is out of the bag, and most people that know me know the secret! Jeff and I are expecting our third baby on May 18th!! YAAA. We have been trying to conceive for a while now and were at the point of giving up. I was frustrated because I have had 2 healthy pregnancies and babies and didn't feel like it would be that difficult to get prego again!! Anyhow, all we need was some alone time, some alcohol and baby! I am very happy and excited but on the same hand quite nervous about it. We have decided not to move at this time because we cant afford it, so we will all be crammed into our small side by side for some more time. I have been feeling ok till today, and feel quite sick all day and very tired. That is to be expected though. IM frustrated because I haven't found a midwife yet and would really like to get the ball rolling on that one!!! Anyways, that is all for today. I must go and scrap! Only like 21 days till Miami crop!! Yippee!
Lesson for today: good things come to those who wait!

See ya

Monday, September 11, 2006

A new LO for me!!!

Well I did it! I actually did a LO tonight! I'm happy and think it turned out nice. I did the Mystery Monday night Layout at LIITD-I really dont follow directions well and of course kinda screwed up but it worked out! My odd little tummy thing is getting better, didnt go to a doctor. Things to make you go hmmmm.....havent been visited by 'friend' this month yet. crossing my fingers........................
What were you doing 5 years ago today? I was at my MIL watching the tv in utter shock. Just want to mention this because I have not forgotten.
Nothing else to say except that my 4 year old doesnt want to go to bed and is driving me crazy!
Lesson for today: just do it!!

see ya

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Something weird

I have something weird on my tummy. I have nothing else to talk about except that it hurts and its big and I dont know what the hell it is!!!!!! I guess I better get it checked out. Anyhow, I soooo need to clean my scrapping space that it is ridiculous! I havent scrapped in quite a while because of it and I need to scrap (as posted in last post) Honestly I have 2 pizza boxes and 2 bags of scrapping stuff that I have bought and dont even remember what is in them, that I havent put away cause I cant find my desk! NICE. Today was another happy day at Wally world, line ups all night and not a happy customer in sight *****SIGH***** Did I tell you I hate my job??? On a happy note I get to go to a crop on the 23rd!! YAY - thanks for inviting me Vanessa! I cant wait!
Lesson for today: putting things away right away prevents stress and messes!!!!

See ya

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

oh my Wallyworld

Serious...I hate retail. Is it just me or did we all not have all summer to prepare for the first day of school! Why is it sooo busy here? Dont you have any more binders? Cant you open another register? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I dont mean to be a bag but seriously, dont leave it to the last day and there wouldnt be a problem!! Ok Im done.....venting that is! I bought the ellusive 'tote' I actually love it, its cool! Im going to buy one for my sister in law and my sister!!! YAY My girl went to school today, I cried. Im a big baby! She didnt even want me there, too embarrassed, maybe thats why I cried. WOW random thoughts today. I need to scrapbook! Lesson for today...hmmmm....not for me but for others.....dont leave things to the last moment and your life WILL be less Chaotic

Maybe gazing at this awesome sunset taken in Maui will be calming

see ya

Monday, September 04, 2006

I guess I suck

Well I pretty much suck at this blogging thing!!! Whatever,lets think positive, Im here and that is what counts!
Jeff and I have just returned from Maui on Sunday. What a blast, the beaches are beautiful, water is warm and the drinks are ample! We really missed the girls and vowed to take them on the 'next trip'!!! I havent done any scrapping lately but bought some cool stuff in Maui and just ordered from LIITD-yikes on the pocketbbook!! I deceided to start uploading some of my stuff on here, just for fun!!Maybe I'll have some cool contests of challenges for all my peeps out there....just a thought! K gotta go to bed
Lesson for today: its never too late to start again!!!

see ya