Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nothing day

Today feels like a nothing day. I mean, I did stuff but I feel like I didn't do anything!! I did clean up my scrappin area, which was good. It always makes me feel good to tidy up-just so I could mess it up again!! LOL We went to soccer today-Julie's game was cancelled but Jamie's game was a go. I'm not sure how to get her more interested-she just stands there-doesn't run, doesn't kick-nothing! The thing is that she is really good at home, kicks awesome! Anyhow, I tried to bribe her with candy, and it kinda worked! I know, good MOM!! So, after soccer we went out for supper-we choose Hooters-haha. I'm starting to look like a bad mother! Anyways, while we were eating, a bunch of guys from the Shrine came in, all decked out in there 'kilts' and stuff, and then they actually played 2 songs-with the drums and bagpipes! It was really random, but super cool! The girls loved it and were given alot of attention because there were no other kids there (obviously-its Hooters!!) Lesson for today: no matter what my day is like, I can always count on my kids to make me smile!!! They are my heart and soul

see ya

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My start

I first want to welcome anyone who happens to stumble on to this blog! I have contemplating a blog for awhile, and actually started one so I could comment on Nic's Blog. Which is kinda silly. I like to read other people's blogs and maybe, just maybe someone will want to read mine!
My day was super great because I had a great mail day! I also got the primas from Aleks! YAY cant wait to use them. Lessons for today..........have patience and kindness in your heart. You never know what is going on with a person till they tell ya!

see ya!