Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back from the crop..........

Well, I just got home from the Miami crop-what a blast! I got alot done-10 Layouts in all. I am super happy with that. I enjoyed seeing all the awesome gals from LIITD. I cant wait till next time!
On another note, it has been 2 weeks since the miscariage. I am feeling alot better but have reservations of trying again. I really dont want to go through that again. I'm sure Jeff will convince me otherwise...hehe.
Also, I am in need of Hambly Transperancies. Thanks ladies at LIITD!
Check out my new stuff:)
Lesson for today: when you are feeling creative, go with it!!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sad news today

Well, I have had a rough week I can tell you that. First I had strep throat so bad that I was in the hospital. Then I started to bleed-not a good thing when you are pregnant. On Sunday October 8th, I had a miscarriage. I feel so awful about it and wish it were not true. I wanted this baby so bad that my heart aches. I cant stop crying. I had to have a D & C yesterday which was ok-not as scary as I thought. The Doctor told me that it is easier to get pregnant after a D&C then if you miscarry naturally. As soon as we can, we will try again. I have to be strong and positive and count my blessings. I have two awesome girls that are my heart and my marriage to Jeff is stronger than ever. I am blessed I am blessed. Thanks for your support
Lesson for today: count your blessings

see ya