Monday, February 09, 2009

Getting it off my chest

My scrapping home of 2 years is no longer my home.
Honestly, no one has done anything wrong to me except one person.
But the lies that have been told and the things that have been done to my friends, make me uncomfortable to be there now.
Loyally, I will stick by my friends.
There are some really good people left like Laura, Lisa, Kim, Peggy, Angele, Deb.....just to name a few :) and I will miss them!
I have deleted my gallery and if you want to find me, I'll be here or at
That's all....its off my chest and I wont talk about it anymore.....:)


Anonymous said...

It sucks when things like this happen.

Angele said...

oh Jocie...sorry to hear that :(

I will certainly keep reading your blog and keep in touch. Hugs! These days, just enjoy your new little pink bundle of joy!

jillianpaige said...

love ya jocie.
i will stick by you :)

Laura said...

Hey Jocie,
first I have to say, your baby is adorable!!
So glad you had a nice day with the girls...wish I could have been there.
Secondly, you'll be missed around the forum but we have blogs, email and heck...even the phone as ways to stay in touch!

redmom said...

crap blogger ate my comment!

I love ya, always will, and I miss you too! Take care of that little bundle and forget the rest! ;)

Michelle said...

Oh No I don't know what's going on over at LIITD's but it makes me sad that yet again people are leaving a SB site over drama or what ever may have happened just like 3 years ago over at KC. I am glad though that alot of ladys from those 2 site's are joining Skrap N Chat.

Boo said...

I don't know what is going on but this makes me very sad! :( You will be greatly missed Jocie!