Monday, February 23, 2009

Carrot cake

All I have to say is that I ate a whole one today. Also, 6 pieces of pizza....NO. Im not kidding! Whoa....I gotta find something else to replace my addiction...something healthier....something that wont make me gain alot of weight.
On a happier note, I've taken lots of pics recently....

Not the best picture BUT Jadie is totally smiling now....I cant seem to get a good pic of her doing it though.

Jadie is totally a soother girl :)

That's all for now!



Anonymous said...

Cute pics!! She is soo cute!

Nicole said...

OMG...she is adorable!!! and that hair!! i love love lvoe it!!! My boys were baldies!!!

As for the it a phase...try switching it up with veggies? Man, that never works for me...lmao...but good luck!

Julie Duncan said...

Look at her! I love her toothless grin and my babies loved their soothers too.

Go forth and eat pizza Jocie!

grover said...

OMG..look at her smiling!!!
She is just the cutest!!


jillianpaige said...

love the pictures jocie! i sure have adorable nieces!
at least you arent doing the other thing :)

redmom said...

She is so precious! Love the hair in that last one!! tee hee

Boo said...

She is just the sweetest little thing! I love her hair!!!!

Laura said... the feet pic Jocie.
Look at her hair...she's adorable!!