Saturday, October 06, 2007

Im hungry!

WEll, the surgery is over but the pain begins...I got my tonsils out on Thursday. Let me tell you I was so scared for the actual surgery, which went just fine. I was completly out so I didnt feel a thing....thank god!
Now this recovery time is hellish let me tell you...10 -14 days to feel back to normal again? and Im on day 3? Lord help me!
I cant talk
I cant swallow
I cant eat
I cant smoke
What the heck can I do.........type......that is it!
I really dont recommed this surgery to anyone.....maybe I will feel different when I am healed up??
Since It is Turkey weekend and Chelsea wanted to see some thankfulness stuff here.....I am thankful for my beautiful family, who are very supportive and kind, and also for T3's!!!!

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grover said...

ahh man...that sucks..i hope you feel better soon jocie...