Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Julie!!

Good times....My sweet angel turned 8 on September 28th! We had a great birthday party and an even greater time at the corn maze. We went to Boonstra farms, they have a petting zoo, mini golf, hay rides and of course the corn maze. We had never been there before so it was alot of fun! Here is some pics of the glorious event

On a sadder note, Jeff and I have had to cancel our cruise...:(
We need to get our financial situation in order and become people we can be proud of!
Also on Thrusday I am getting my tonsils out! YIKES I am totally freaked out by this! Wish me luck!
That all folks....I think I am in need of some creative healing aka SCRAPBOOKING!!!!

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grover said...

hope all goes well today jocie...and you have a quick recovery!!!