Tuesday, March 09, 2010


is really hard for me right now....Im not sure why? Im not depressed but I have very low self esteem and motivation to do anything! Anyways, its 8 weeks since I quit smoking and no doubt it has something to do with my life issues right now. Im happy to have quit, and do feel like Im doing really well (no real desires to go back to it) but Im not happy with the weight gain and emotional probs that go with it. I just need to get past this and then I will be golden :)

On a happier note: Mission to Create has post challenge #0012....whooot!! I'd love for you to play along!!!

Here is what I did for the challenge:


Vanessa said...

hang in there..things will get better..sorry that things are crappy right now :-(

Vanessa said...

ohhh and I and totally love the page you create..it is soooo pretty :-)

Nicole Nowosad said...

wow, she looks so grown up!! i love your page

((HUGS))) hang in there chicka.. it is tough trying to do it all at once. If you need to talk.. call me!!

Julie said...

(((HUGS))) Jocie! My hats are off to you for quitting.I know all about the weight gain as my husband battles it.Keep your chin up! You are doing great and just think of how much healthier you will be!

Your page is great and your daughter is so pretty!

Kimic said...

Your LO is great, and the photo is SO beautiful :-D