Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You do know that Challenge 0011 is up right?

go see it and then go do it...its just that simple :)
It was seriously hard for me to do mostly black(even though that was my chosen concept.. tee hee) but I love how it turned out! I love the way the DT rocked this challenge...my favorite so far!!
Here is my take on the challenge, I used all concepts.


Julie said...

I love your layout,but your concept might very well be the end of me.

Deborah said...

grrrrrr, you and your black!! lol
your page is so sweet!

and hello?? owls and woodgrain???
loooooove your new blog look!!

Jocie said...

lol...sorry Julie :)

Thanks Deb...I love the new blog look too :)

yyam said...

I love that sweet photo! Love how the pink just pops against the black background!