Sunday, January 18, 2009

She is here!!!!!!

Im happy to announce the arrival of my third beautiful baby GIRL!
Jadie Jay-anne Sichello was born on Tuesday Jan 13th, 2009 at 1:45am.
She was 7lbs 11ounces and 20 inches long!
My labour went fast and furious, like I figured it would! I started having contractions at 10:45pm, got to the hospital by 11:45pm and had her by 1:45am! 3 hours, and very painful! WEll DUH! I really did feel like it was the worst labor of them all, even thought it was faster. Jadie, had the cord around her neck, so I they had to cut it before I pushed her all the way out, that was very scary! But once she came out, everything else was smooth sailing. She is doing great and is happy and sweet....and completly loved in everyway!
Thanks for all the support, we truly appreciate it and feel very blessed!



Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous!!! Congrats Jocie. You have a beautiful family.

Julie Duncan said...

She is so cute! Even though I thought she was a boy.It looks to me like you will have two other girls to help you.Enjoy her Jocie,they grow so fast.

grover said...

Congrats again..ohhh she is so sweet! I love that family pic too--you guys are such a cute bunch!!!

Nicole said...

She is precious!!! Does she look like either of the 2 girls?? :)

can't wait to see her and meet her!

Deborah said...

awww, look at those toes!!

redmom said...

She is so precious!! Congrats to all the J's!

Laura said...

Jocie, she is sooo beautiful!!
Congrats to all of you!
Love those feet shots!