Friday, January 02, 2009

HAppy New Year!

HAppy New Year to my friends and family!
Just to let you know........I will KEEP one New Years Resolution this year! That is to have this baby....I should be able to handle that :)
In baby world, there is nothing new...Im 2 cm dialated, but have been stuck there since Tues. I go for my next midwife appt. on Monday. We will see then, how we are doing. I dont feel like much is happening down maybe this baby will be late :(
Anywho...the holidays were very nice...lots of family time! I love being with Jeff and the girls...we did quite alot this holiday. Went skating, tobagganing, to the movies, shopping, and played lots of games! We were lucky Jeff was off work for almost 2 weeks! He is back to work today though :( Once the baby comes he will be off for another that is great too!
I leave you with some pics of the holidays and my belly.
I do plan on scrapping today..! YAY
38 weeks Pregnant!
Christmas DAy 2008


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!! Now hurry and have that baby!!

Nicole said...

Looks like lots of good times were had by you all at xmas! Don't worry..that babe will be out soon!!

Julie Duncan said...

That's a huge Polly Plane......West Jet eat your heart out.Well I hope all goes well for you and your baby.I think I'd still be pregnant if I wasn't induced.

redmom said...

Jocie you look amazing!! Looks like a wonderful Christmas!! I'll be thinking baby vibes for you!!

Laura said...

Jocie, you look sooo cute.
Can't wait to hear your news.
Am happy to hear you had so much family time over the holidays!
Happy New Year to you all!