Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I need to make 'em
I have steadily gaining weight since I quit smoking. Not good. I am, however, happy I quit but this is getting ridiculous!!

I need a change, I am not healthy, my self esteem is in the gutter, I cant physically do things I use to do. I. AM. FAT.

So, today I started the new Weight Watchers Points Plus plan. I'm doing it online because I don't even like to go out right now :( I'm a little leery of it since it is different than the old plan (which I know and understand) But I am committed to giving it a good effort!!!

Wish me luck!



Nicole Nowosad said...

I completly know how you feel - you are a great person and YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Julie said...

My friend joined on-line and once she got used to navigating the site,she was good to go.You can do this! You are so worth it!

Deborah said...

You will do great!

Vanessa said...

Good job chicka..you are going to do wonderful-you'll see!!!

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