Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Projects 22-25

Hello Bloggers :)

Projects are just a flowing out of me.... I need to make a list of all the things I want to try!!

I forgot to mention that Sundays' Mission was Project #22!!

As mentioned before, I'm really into sewing and re purposing things right Project #23 is this micro jean mini that my 8 year old wants to wear (but I wont let her cause its too short!) I added ruffles to the bottom!!! It was alot easier to do than I expected but did take me some time!

Project #23


Next I had this striped shirt that I loved but grew out of *ahem*, anyways, I found this awesome link on youtube to make a bag out of it! So here it is:

Project #24

Then with the scraps I made this ruffle scarf for Julie :)

Project # 25

More to come!!!

I am currently working on another ruffle skirt (once Julie saw Jamie's she wanted one ) I am trying to make a tutorial for it :)



Julie said...

Great idea with the skirt.It looks great.I have a few of my daughters that I should do that to.

Nicole Nowosad said...

K, those are too cute!!!

Vanessa said...

look at you..little miss crafty!!
i love what you have done Jocie!

Deborah said...

wow Jocie!! You are making me jealous:)