Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So I guess I kinda missed the whole summer of blogging...tee hee
Sorry :)

I thought I would give y'all a short version on my summer...

-Went to BC for 2 weeks...took our trailer, it was super awesome!
-basement is still in shambles...have done ZERO scrapping :(
-Jadie had her trigger finger surgery....went great and she can now straighten it :)
-I went to the Backstreet boys concert...yaaaaaa whoot
-We went to the beach a few time-just Birds Hill
-Camped at Birds Hill a few times....getting in 2 more times before September is over
-Went to the outdoor pool once
-Worked quite a bit
-Worked on the front yard, cut down the tree
-Read one book....not as much as I wanted :)
-Gained alot of weight :( from quitting smoking
-started to exercise
-baked alot :)

It seems like alot but I feel like we didnt very much!

That is my life in a nut shell :)


Vanessa said...

you DID do alot this summer!!!
it goes by much too fast though hey.
enjoy your upcoming camping trips :-)

Nicole Nowosad said...

sounds like a good summer to me!

Miss you :)