Thursday, September 10, 2009

Schools in!!!

Well we had great summer..did lots of fun things. Tons of camping and beaching. I have to say though, having 3 girls at home for 9 weeks was tiring :) sooooo I'm happy school started!
Here are my girls and there Back to school pics
Jamie is in Grade 2
Julie is in Grade 5-which I cant believe!!!


laterg8r said...

they look great in their back to school wear :D

Vanessa said...

Oh they are so dang cute!!!
Enjoy the peacefulness that is about to ensue at your house!!!

Nicole said...

I hear ya on the tired scale!!! They have the cutest outfits!! SO CUTE!!

Julie said...

Great looking kids!!!!!!!!!! They are the same ages as my youngest two.

Laura said...

they look adorable Jocie...and very ready to go back!
Summer holidays sure aren't as easy as they sound!

judy said...

I love your blog, Jocie!!!
Great pics and comments!