Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where are you???

LOL...Im talking to myself.....
I *think* I have lost myself :(
I have been talking to my Mom about this recently...I know its pretty common to have a sense of 'lost self' after you have a baby but this is ridicuous.
There is so many things I need to change that Im not sure where to begin:
I want to quit smoking (again)
I want to lose alot of weight
I want to scrap more
I want to eat healthier
I want to do more active things with my girls
I want to be more organized
I want to find myself
This is only some of the some work to do!
Anyways, I dont want to be a dont worry I will get there :)
On a happier note....
I get to go see Jill in a week, and then drive back home with her and my Mom....super excited! I miss that girl like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!


laterg8r said...

sucks losing yourself doesn't it! ((((hugs))))

Deborah said...

you will get there! concentrate on one at a time.

I'm excited for you to see Jill!

Nicole said...

I hear ya Jocie.. being a mom is not always fun..we give up ourselves for our kids. I don't blame you one moment for feeling this way at all!!! Hang in there, you will be fine...just have to set yourself as a priority and DO IT!!! ((HUGS ))

Have fun picking up your sista!! I know how much you miss her!!

Vanessa said...

You will get yourself back--having little ones is tough--but it gets better! Debs thing at a time :-)

Julie said...

I remember those days and I still have them now even with my kids older.You are just so focused on the mother aspect that you have no time for anything else.(((hugs))) Jocie

Jillian said...

big hugs for my sister!!! Hang in there Jocie
-cant wait to see you!

Boo said...

Just remember that a healthy Mom is the best Mom. Focus on one thing at a time not to get overwhelmed.

Having kids is definitely not the easiest job and we tend to forget that we were women before we were mothers. Get out with your friends more often to scrap and you've just done a few things from your list.


wustaz said...

go slow and know we are all behind you!