Friday, July 17, 2009

Cupcakes anyone?

I've been making these little cupcake pin cushions.
I think they are cute!
They are about 2 inches high.
I will be selling them soon :)
Perfect for gifts.
$3.00 each
If you are interested, let me know in the comments section.


Vanessa said...

The ARE so CUTE!
I really like them and would love to buy one!

Nicole said...

OMG!! THose are adorable!! i love them!!!

Julie said...

Those are so cute Jocie! You could set up your own little Etsy shop.I'm in awe of how a women with 3 kids,one which is a baby makes these cute cupcakes.

laterg8r said...

those are sooo cutie patootie!

Vanessa said...

yes...Julies idea is etsy!!

jillianpaige said...

jocie! they are awesome!!!!

Deborah said...

I'm buying one for sure! Much cuter than my Dollarama tomatoe.

Deborah said...

oops, can't stand that I spelled tomato wrong.

Boo said...

Jocie those are just adorable!!! I love them. How cute and much better than the old tomato pin cushions. ;o)

Rosa said...

Wow Jocie...the cupcakes are so cute! I would like to buy one!

Laura said...

an Etsy shop is such a great idea Jocie. I think these are the cutest!!