Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend

I love Easter, dont know why....maybe because it signifies Spring and new beginnings to me?! Anyways, we always do an Easter egg hunt first thing in the morn, and then they also have to hunt for their baskets with clues and everything. We havent made the clues get :) better get busy! We kind of fun things do you do for Easter?
On the baby front, everything is going great, Jadie is getting so big. She has to be 14lbs now! All I know is that she feels heavy LOL She has started to giggle, and recently found her hands :) I have so much love for my girls, Im really happy! I also did a little photo shoot with her in a tutu :) Pics to follow...

Anywho....I plan on scrapping today and tomorrow!! I get to see my friends Vanessa, Nicole and Deb on Sat...I'm so excited to spend the day scrapping with these wonderfully creative gals!

Happy Easter all!!



Aleks said...

Jocie! these pics are too precious!

Laura said...

OMGsoh Jocie..these pics are too cute for words...I love them!!
Happy Easter to you all.

redmom said...

Oh my she looks adorable!!! I love the tutu!!

Boo said...

Oh my! i love those photos of Jadie!! She is absolutely adorable Jocie!!!!!