Monday, December 01, 2008

WHOA....Its Dec 1st!!!!

I really and truly cant believe how November flew by!! Can you??

Its December now and I cant wait for Christmas!! favorite time of year! Not to mention that my little baby will be arriving shortly there after :)

I actually did some scrapping this month!!!! I know BIG shocker....but I had the urge and I did it. Now that I'm on mat leave, I seem to have more time on my hands :) LOL
Here is me at almost 34 weeks pregnant.....looking large!

Everything on the baby front seems to be fine now....I do have alot of fluid but they cant see anything wrong with the baby, so Im very happy about that! I had my fetal assesment on Friday and got some GREAT 3D pics of Baby J

Cute hey?!!!

Thats it for now....


Nicole said...

VERY CUTE BABY -- can't wait to see him/her soon! And you look great! Definately glowing. Glad that all is okay and you are off work now...WM is bonkers this time of year...bad time to be preggers and workign there!!

grover said...

I love that 3D is amazing they can do that!!!
Your photo is great as well-you look soooo good!!!

lisa slocombe said...

that is a great preggie pic of you, joc! you look fab!!
and what an awesome 4D of the baby, the best i've ever seen!!