Friday, September 05, 2008

Schools in!

Well school started on Wed. I was quite excited, but after the girls were gone I cried. I was so bored and lonely! I know I'm not the only mother in the world that has kids at school full time but seriously I don't know what to do with myself! The first day I slept all day, yesterday I cleaned all day, and today...I have a midwife appt.....I've been ready since 10am. My appt. is at noon! I thought I might get some scrapping done, as Lori issued a challenge to do a mini album by the end of Sept. Well I get all geared up and my album that I was going to use is missing...It was there a couple weeks ago....WTH! I either have to do something diff or order a new one....sigh.....anyhoo...enough are some pics of my girls on the way to school.


Boo said...

Jocie, your girls are beautiful!!!! Great back to school photos!

Laura said...

Jocie, I am one of those Moms you speak of...crazy hey...we should be loving every minute of it but nope...we're bored...go!!
Those are great pictures of the girls...they are sooo pretty.
Hope you can find things to do this week!

Jocie said...

im so cute !!!!!!!

Jocie said...

The thred comment is from me.

from: julie


Julie Duncan said...

LOL........this is too funny.She is so cute and has a great name too.

Jocie said...

Yes...she's a sweetheart! She always comments on your pic when she see's you on LIITD...'There is the lady with my name'!!