Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dont Fall off your chair!

Please Nicole dont fall off your chair when you read this!
Yes, it has been far too long since I posted...umm...something like a year....OPPS
Im sorry, yes, I suck at blogs, but now maybe I have figured it out and make a regular apperance on here!
What is new?
My baby started Kindergarden...oh my gosh, how emotional is that!
Here she excited to go...

(isnt she a beauty)

Im loving scrapping again...thank god~
I am almost finished Michele's baby album...that has been a very emotional road.
I have to have it complete by Oct 12/2007....but I will be done this weekend!!

More to come I promise..........(thats what she said!...The office starts in less than 1 week)


grover said...

dang near gave me a heart attack when you showed up in my bloglines!!

welcome back ;-)

Nicole said...

Well holy shit, it is true!! :)

Keep posting, or I will continue to stalk you.. muah