Thursday, November 20, 2008

Its been almost a month....

Im sorry to have waited so long to post.....I've been busy :)

On the news front...My SIL Jodi had her identical twin boys on Sat November 15, 2008. There names are Owen and Quintin.....sooooooooooo cute! I just love them and think they are awesome!!

My pregnancy is moving along, Im 33 weeks now but measure at 39.5 weeks. I have a high amount of amniotic fluid which can mean many unpleasant things but can also mean nothing.....of course we are hoping for the best!!! I have to say I have been pretty stressed out this week but am coming down off the negative wagon. I have to stay positive, for my sake and the baby's sake.

The next couple weeks will be filled with fetal assessments and tests.....will keep everyone posted....please think happy thoughts:)
I am on mat leave as of today because of the size of me maybe I can get some scrapping done!! Christmas is around the corner so I better get on the shopping too!!

That is all for are my sweet nephews....