Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love Randomness :)

Miss Vanessa sent out a random thoughts challenge...I'm not very good at this but here is goes:

1) Chocolate is amazin'
2) My baby really loves me :)
3) It feels good to be feeling good
4) My hubbie has been really sweet to me lately..hmmm what does he want :)
5) I am seriously addicted to the Internet
6) I really need some new clothes but don't want to buy any yet
7) I cant wait for Minneapolis
8) What is this pain under my ribs...frick!
9) I LOVE NAPS...seriously love them
10) Why are my kids so darn messy
11) My eczema is looking better
12) I kiss my baby's chubby cheeks constantly-is this normal?
13) I need to scrap more
14) My basement is a disaster...I wish I had a cleaning lady
15) Ghosts? Do they really exist?
16) I really don't like when people spell their kids name weird : Hethyr-seriously!
17) I cant wait for Friday...I heart the MC too Nicole :)
18) I'm lucky...really
19) Did I mention that I love chocolate?
20) I'm all about reality TV...pathetic!

Monday, March 22, 2010

MC 0013

Getting crafty..feeling is looking up :)
Need some inspiration...head on over to Mission to Create, the new Challenge is great!

This is what I came up with for it :

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


is really hard for me right now....Im not sure why? Im not depressed but I have very low self esteem and motivation to do anything! Anyways, its 8 weeks since I quit smoking and no doubt it has something to do with my life issues right now. Im happy to have quit, and do feel like Im doing really well (no real desires to go back to it) but Im not happy with the weight gain and emotional probs that go with it. I just need to get past this and then I will be golden :)

On a happier note: Mission to Create has post challenge #0012....whooot!! I'd love for you to play along!!!

Here is what I did for the challenge: